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As a former paramedic and then coroner, travel was my stress release. Travel and wildlife photography is my passion. I admit I cringe slightly when people use their cell phones to photograph when they travel. Cell phone cameras have devastated the camera industry. Some people choose to purchase my photographs for display on their computers. I'll take it. 

Experience has taught me that unless you have seen a place or an animal, you may not purchase that photograph. Customers who have purchased photos say the photo reminds them of their trip. I often hear, “Oh, I was there but I didn’t get a good photo of that.”

My hope is that this website will remind you of your trip to the same place OR that you get a taste of a place so that you will want to go there yourself. Travel is addictive! Oftentimes, I go on these trips with a  group led by a professional photographer.  

This website is full of travel tips. One book series I highly regard is the Culture Shock series. Many of them are out of print and you can’t find them for every country but the cultural dos and don’ts and what to expect is invaluable. They are available on Amazon, ThriftBooks and eBay.

I still have several photos to edit and add from past and recent trips so keep checking back!

If you want more information about tour operators just email me. 

Lastly, I want to thank you for having a gander at my photos. I hope by my capturing a moment in time, it inspires you.


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